[Use cases] Powerful monitoring solution for EC2 instances

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After setting up your server in AWS EC2 you need to setup monitoring by yourself as EC2 instance is managed by AWS completely. Even though we have a service called CloudWatch in AWS itself, we need an external mechanism to get and manipulate realtime monitoring data from CloudWatch to act immediately on any server failure.

In this page we will see CloudWatch native monitoring and monitoring done by third party monitoring software services (monitoring tools).


The different graphs showing realtime performance of selected EC2 instance in EC2 dashboard of AWS console are obtained by CloudWatch monitoring service. You can check older data by chosing time duration. There are some restrictions in some of metrics such as disk storage monitoring.

Monitoring tools

In some special cases, when your services running on multiple production servers are critical, you need something more powerful on top of CloudWatch to get cutting edge realtime monitoring. There are some situation where you need to monitor your application which can not be done through CloudWatch.

Some of the powerful tools to monitor infrastructure or your application running on your servers are:


AppDynamics is a tool which monitors application performance and gives realtime data and insights about performance and usability. Monitoring application availability is done by installing a piece of tool in your application. This provides realtime data to the monitoring service.

AppDynamics is powerful application and infrastructure monitoring tool. You need to tune the tool to meet your requirement of monitoring performance and application availability.

Let’s say you have a single instance web server having a web service running along a DB service. Now, you need to monitor application service, OS health, infrastructure performance like CPU usage, disk storage consumption etc.

Beyond this, we have lot of metrics. These comes to picture if you want to scale up your business where your application availability impact highly on your business revenue.

Such metrics include web service port monitoring (tomcat, weblogic or other open source/proprietary server port monitoring), DB listening port (eg: Oracle database listening port monitoring), page performance metrics such as load time, event monitoring, and so on.

Zenoss Unified Monitoring

As for as infrastructure monitoring is concerned, Zenoss being a unified monitoring solution provided end-end all kind of device monitoring right from routers and switches to application servers, DB servers, tons of metrics within them.

The best part about Zenoss is their enterprise support which will help you to setup and maintain through all time available support team.

Another reason Zenoss tops the spot is that the monitoring is scale-able. The monitoring tool can be clustered and can support performance monitoring for thousands of servers. With master/client service, Zenoss monitoring is quite stable and reliable.

Muli-level monitoring support helps those servers which contains Zenoss itself monitored by another instance. Suitable for large server cluster monitoring, Zenoss provides value for the cost of license and server running cost.

Monitoring templates extends the core monitoring capabilities of the service itself. We can also write our own custom template and can install Zenpacks. Mostly written in python language, Zenpack contains the script which will be executed against the monitoring server.

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