Update method in Sequelizes

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Sequelize is one of the application.It is used to develop documentation for storing many data in database.
It is easily update the new data’s in database.It is very helpful for storing and retrieving the data.

    In this example book model is defining in sequelized method. Book is defined as a variable it call a function() titles and pages of the book.Title specifies a string type ,pages specifies a numbers.

If the function book calls book title and page number display the program execution.

    In this example we update more information about book title,id,number of rows.It can be execute using root classes on the function.in the rooter class PUT() for parameters,it can catch parameters on run time to produce the number of rows details.

This database is used for front end of the program.

    In the other way to passes through the parameter the function system will update the all book details in database.so it's easy to manage database for front end process.

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