[Troubleshooting] Sync Themes, passwords on multiple PCs

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Hello there, make sure you read till the end, I have added troubleshooting steps too. Hope this page helps 😉

We are living in Cloud era. You can create a Microsoft account or use one which you already have and sign in it in your Windows 10 device to sync Themes, browser settings, password on multiple PC.

We will see the steps in details:

Turning ON Windows 10 Sync

Click on the Start button > Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings. This feature will be available in Windows 10 devices. Turn it ON for all the devices which you would like to themes internet explorer browser settings and other system settings.

You can also sync passwords across all your sync-ed devices.

Windows 10 Cloud sync use cases

Now let’s see the use cases. When you have a laptop or a desktop PC and a Windows tablet, then you can logging to your Microsoft account on all the devices and turning ON the above sync feature.

Another use case would be like you have an office setup, multiple Windows 10 devices (workstation PCs), for your team. You can create an account for your team or for your organization, and then sync them with all the devices. Later you can alter a setting which will gets reflected to all the devices.

Things to note: If this is not working!

Check and make sure you have used same account on all the devices you wished to make them sync. Also make sure this sync feature is turned on all the devices.

Turn off external firewall or make a rule to allow if the service is blocked it.

OK, as you are reading this line, I assume that you have a problem with this Windows 10 sync feature. Let’s dive in!!

Before you move further, I would like you to test with different Microsoft account first if you have. May be this could save your time as your current account may face some problem with this feature.

If you have another account and willing to give it a try, follow the below steps to add another Microsoft account to your Windows 10 device.

Go to Settings > Account > Add “Microsoft Account”.
Enter your login info.
Once you login to the new Microsoft account, check if you’re able to sync your settings now. If you are, problem was definitely in your previous account.

If not, continue further.

Disable your antivirus software if you have any and start Windows update. Search for windows update in search and start the update. Reboot the PC after the update and check for the issue.

Alternatively you can use tools like SFC and DISM. Search online for these tools on how to use it. As there are tons of useful resources available for you to follow for these tools I’m not including it here.

Let me know your thoughts? Shall we include anything else if missed?

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