React JS – 30 minute Learning Challenge

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Hello there!

Welcome to a new challenge series!! Here we will kick-start React learning in 30 minutes. You may already know that React is a JavaScript library to make UI.

Let’s quickly jump into the challenge. One fine afternoon I was thinking about exploring a possibly new way to dive into a new JS library, as famous as React and hence this post. And I picked React itself.

The Challenge

Provided the fact that you clicked onto this page to Kick-start React under 30 min, the challenge should make you good in understanding what is React and should give you opportunity to explore and try a simple React working app!

What I’m doing now?

Hey, I’m Naveen and at the time of writing this page, even I am learning like how you do. I want to know how people are curious to something like this initiative on a website that is brand new and having less views.

Leave your comment below and show me how you are curious to get it started. I will be editing this page as I progress further.

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