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HTML files can also used JavaScript. It is very easiest method for creating interacting html web pages. such as maps, 2D & 3D animation page.
JavaScript used in html files in different ways Using script tag, Inline function, external file and other ways as (Arguments bs parameter, default parameters,Argument Object).

Script tag is also used in head of the html coding. In this tag first define the function then written the coding between the script.
This function can call the body of the function.

Inline function can presence the body of the html coding.this function can represents the special effects,colors,images etc.
javascipt functions are user friendy for html program.inline function calls another call() function.

External files are defer form calling function. it define the separate file for the script then link to src using attribute of the script tag.external files are presence in head portion of the html coding.
JavaScript must stored in .js extention.html coding using JavaScript can written .in execution time an argument value is passed when the function is called argument parameters.the arguments do not have any value it should consider default parameters.

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