How to get more traffic to your website on weekends

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Getting traffic to your website organically requires time and patience. You need to create lot of content and have to wait for so many months before it could pick up a good position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). In addition to that you won’t be having the same amount of organic traffic on weekends when compared to that of weekdays.

Today, I will share with you how I managed to get more organic traffic to your website on weekends.

Think about one thing: You can’t ask or force people to search for your keywords related to your site if it a niche site. So, you need to manage better with the people who are arriving at your site on weekends organically from Google or from any other search engines.


Make your reader to stay for a long amount of time on your website by removing ads and placing post links related to generic topic that readers would be wishing to read next on a weekend day.

By this way, you make an increase in page-on-time on your pages (I mean on your site from search engine page). This makes your ranking go high as it depicts the search engine that your visitors are really into the content and they nearly found for what they are searching for.

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By this way, your site will get an improvement in ranking and eventually you will be getting more organic traffic on weekdays too. This also helps in more conversion to ad clicks or other affiliate marketing or whatever than before.

So, how do you show content link on sidebar in place of an Ad on your sidebar to get them focused to your site instead making them bounce off? Got any idea for now? I already had an idea and I implemented in this page. If your are reading this page on a weekend, then you might probably be seeing more links to posts you may like and lesser Ads.

So how to do increase weekend traffic to your site?

Answer to this question is a list of to-do you can accomplish from now on your site. You may see changes to your weekend traffic from within 7 days to 30 days from the time of implementation. Though sometime it may take longer than the stated time, I could definitely say that the effort will not be wasted.

Here we go:

Increase your site dwell time using a YouTube video embedding

This I have already mentioned in the top of the text that increasing the reader’s time on your page signals Google that your article has got what they were searching for couple of time on search pages. And your ranking will automatically gets a hike.

To do that, you need to search and find an YouTube video related to the article you have written on your website. If that video is yours, then it will be cool. Otherwise, mention about the author (or simply the channel name as “Source”) after or before the video.

To embed the video on your page, right click on the video on YouTube while it is playing and chose copy embedding code option. Now edit the page and click somewhere (depends upon your website builder) and paste the copied code there. Save and update the article.

Call to Action for sharing

There are some posts which will get share and it will not be searched in Google or any other search engine. They may go viral too but note the fact that until someone shares it on social media it won’t spread across. There are several ways to spread it over to wide audience. One way is to promote it through paid Ads.

Other way is to make someone to share it. Even if the page is worth sharing for, your reader may need CTA (Call to action) to make them do. What does CTA do here? The answer is simple. You are directly asking them to share at the beginning and end of the article.

You can also place widget at right after the end of blog post content. This way you don’t explicitly ask for them on a line of text.

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