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Oracle SQL developer is integrated development environment (IDE) which we are going to talk about! To use SQL developer, you need Java installed on your system. Then you need to unzip SQL developer tool which is available at Oracle website and you can use it.

I am not going to talk about the installation here. Instead, we will see something you may not aware of the tool to connect to the Oracle instance you have now.

What does this SQL developer does practically? Guess what?

This SQL developer tool we are talking about right now does the following things with any Oracle DB instance. I mean instance as a SQL server running on any cloud or on your network, or even on your laptop/PC machine.

  1. Helps you connect to the Oracle database server so that you can query or do something on it using SQL.
  2. Helps you in database maintenance.
  3. You can do migration using the SQL developer.
  4. You can backup/restore using Oracle SQL developer.
  5. Allows you to write PL/SQL and SQL scripts and you can execute them in whole or partially by selection.

Why we use Oracle SQL Developer?

The exact answer for this question is: It is free and recommended by Oracle. That’s it.

Oracle SQL developer consumes 1GB of your system RAM. You need to have Java installed in order to use this developer tool. Other than those two, you don’t need anything else to spend on. You don’t need a license to buy to use it.

If you love GUI way of accessing a database, then this tool is for you. It eases your task of handling a database.

SQL developer for Windows 10 64 bit

Two things to mention here. Oracle added support for Win 10 64 bit OS to the SQL developer. You can download it directly from the official Oracle website pointing to -> Oracle SQL Developer Downloads. https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/downloads/index.html

There is also an option to download this SQL developer along with Java in one single package. If you have already Java installed on your system, then you should choose SQL developer alone.

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