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I’m writing in for Clover cash drawer or cash register. There are two models I have come across so far. They are d100 and flex. I have clover mini too. I’m writing this page to help you with your clover cash system.

If you are looking for a smaller cash drawer, I have seen one on last week.

Clover cash drawer cable

The supported cable type is RJ11. If you have a cable already, you don’t need to buy cash drawer that comes with a cable. You can look for items without a RJ11 cable that goes to the system and the printer. The printer which my friends are using is Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer (type USB).

If your cable to the clover POS seems to be damaged, I would recommend you to replace it as soon as you can. This may cause damage to the connected parts.

You can buy a RJ11 cable from Amazon or from best buy. Always buy a quality cable, check for the user review. A quality cable may cost you extra bucks and will safe guard the system from hardware failure.

Be it a Clover d100 cash drawer or Clover flex cash drawer, the cable type is same. However I will say always that you bring your damaged cable to the nearby store (if you’re buying at store). This is because, some PoS installation may include a different cable. You may even need an adapter if necessary.

Clover cash log

You can check and print log from Clover cash log app.
The cash drawer is meant to be connected to one Clover device at once. There are some difference between a clover mobile and clover station.

As I’m continuing writing the remaining sections for this page, I would like you to leave your questions in the comment below.

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