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Each habit has its own story behind it. You have them to cover your leisure times, or as a passionate activity becoming as an habit. Tracking a habit is vital when you need to keep up with it or to minimize it. Whether it is good or bad ones, habits are worth tracking it as we head into our busy life.

Both android phones and iPhones has plenty of apps in their app stores. The below apps are quite famous and being used by many people across the world.

To make your decision of habit tracking app installation as easier, I have made a break down of facts to help you choose further. Some apps are more advanced and some of them offer simple user interfaces.

It is up to you to pick one per your need. Here are the best 5 habit tracking apps:


When it comes to managing more than one habit with minimal interface, Streaks habit tracking app comes into the picture. It also provides multiple options to check off a habit. The simplicity within the every corner of this app is the main plus for it among the competing ones.

Comes with individual habit customization even at icon level. Even more customization like setting up assigned days, completions per day tracking time and so on. The below table shows the connectivity feature of this app. It is built to be compatible with Apple Watch.

  • Apple watch support: Yes
  • Apple Health support: Yes
  • Siri voice command support: Yes
  • Pros: Simple minimal design.


HabitShare app allows you to do habit tracking easier and funnier with you friends joined. This helps you and your friends to be always motivated thus helping you to achieve more goals at shorter span. This free app is based on social network concept and it allows to fine tune privacy settings at its best.

Connecting habit data with your friends has some advantages. First, you are under radar of your friends supervision to accomplish your goals. So, no way of forgetting/escaping. Second, they will provide support if you are willing to quit some bad habit.

Also, it let’s them to share feedback on your track record. Like if you are going too slow or you have achieved what you have proposed in shorter span. This app also features Reminders to be set based on metrics like number of days.

  • Pros: Friends Group support


When it comes to long term tracking like the one it takes so many months, Strides comes handy with very good visual presentation. Charts, graphs and all visuals gives more insights into how you are progressing over the time on each set of habits.

The purpose of tracking is maximized only when you can able to get the feedback well visualized. The feedback helps you to further improve the progress and achieve the target/goal with framed time period.

There are four categories available at the time of writing this article on this app. They are: habits, targets, averages, or projects. Not only it helps in easy tracking but also it helps in maintaining visual stuffs under dashboard manner. Strides lets you tag bad habits, set goal streaks, and so on.

This app is available for subscription starting from few bucks which enables unlimited habits and multi device sync through its cloud service.

  • Good in visual presentation.
  • Cloud support: Sync between iOS devices via Strides’ cloud account
  • Remainder support: Yes


Tally is a highly flexible app. This tracking app counts on almost everything countable. You can track as many habits as you want ranging from simple and easy to the long spanning ones. It offers some pretty advanced tools to keep on top of your habits.

It limits three habits in free edition. You need to subscribe for a minimal amount starting from few bucks to unlock some features.

  • Apple watch support: Yes
  • Cloud Support: Dropbox and iCloud.
  • Notification support: Yes


StickK lets you create a commitment contract with yourself to reach your goals. You can also allow anyone to verify the collected data of yours. Let’s say you wanna share and verify with your friends or family members.

  • Pros: Very good app layout- eye catching design.

The app is based on commitment contract idea. Some would like it using while others may find it annoying for the way it is designed to work. It is up to you to choose between the above mentioned Habit tracking apps.

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