The blog is meant for helping people with understanding related to the public cloud platform services. Let the service be simple or complicated, I would always make it easy to get it understood by you.

I am Naveen and I work with technologies in and around cloud platforms. Usually I pick Amazon Web Services (AWS) as my favorite public cloud service and hence you may see posts related to AWS all over this blog.

Every cloud service has its own documentation and few example scenarios which are made to help understand and to get started with the services. However, most people especially who do not have a strong technical knowledge and experience may face some difficulties.

This blog aims in covering knowledge articles as well as cloud solution (step by step) how-to articles and some other genres too.

Contact me for any help and feedback. Your contact and feedback is appreciated. I would love to make a conversation with you.

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Welcome to CloudiKnow.com blog, a platform to share knowledge and solution experience related to public cloud is base design of this site.

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